A resilient Journey of purpose and passion

Early on we set out to build a brand with some of societies most prolific individuals in mind. "The forgotten ones" The ones with a vision for more. The ones willing to do extra in order to provide more value. The ones that trade their precious time to one cause or another in exchange for money. Hourly or otherwise.

The ones like us.


Raised in the outskirts of Halifax, the capitol of Nova Scotia, Canada. Two young men that went to high school together both had a middle class up bringing. Both were encouraged by their families to chase their dreams in this lifetime. So we decided to embark on this relentless journey together when the thought to build a brand started to become tangible. Independently we had both grown up hustling where we could to make a dollar. Shoveling driveways, raking leaves, working summer jobs way before our adult years and even buying and selling cars or parts among other strategies. Early in our adult years we would both muster up the courage to leave the only life we knew for the promised land of Alberta. We had our own visions of chasing the Canadian "dream". At different points in our individual journeys we would both end up trying our hand in the oil fields in different professions. Ultimately we would migrate back to our roots of Nova Scotia. Looking back now, both of us had a longing to carve our own path in life by creative means. Always persuing the things in life we wanted most.

Worx Industry started with a humble beginning deciding on a name and a logo using the paint app on Jacob"s apple laptop. We knew this would have to be our very first step. A process that actually took months starting in 2013. It wasn't long after that we hired a childhood friend to help us with some graphic designs, we knew our capabilities to create the look we wanted just wasn't up to our standards yet. We didn't put ourselves out into the marketplace until the following year (2014). A single batch of hoodies would begin our very first real business venture. Since then building relationships, learning new skills, creating and branding has become our second nature. To this day Worx Industry is not the only brand we utilize these skills in. These days we are self taught when it comes to design work, crafting projects with leather, wood and metals as well as website building and doing all of our own graphic and product designs in house.

Since our early days of origin in 2014 we have suffered many losses and even captured a few wins through trial and error. We have experienced many changes through the peaks and valley's of growing and learning. We like to think we embrace both the highs and the lows. For these moments we are grateful as it has helped us to develop a strong mental callus and a keen understanding that champions are forged and conditioned by their environment. We have no interest in being "an over night success" We are confident enough to earn recognition.

What's more compelling to us is the magnitude of our friendship and our ability to maintain a common vision. Even through many evolutionary events in our lives such as across country moves at different times, career changes, family deaths, the purchase of first homes and even friend groups forever evolving, We have been able to stick together. To us this is something special. We have found great significance in this alone.

Coming from a background of hard working middle class families we have we have a common denominator between us. We believed and continue to believe that the hardest workers are often the ones who seek for something more in life. They are inspired to achieve more. Usually these folk show up first and leave last. With the exception of the odd day of course! They strive to be a great provider for their families and those around them. They welcome most challenges, allowing them to learn new skills.
Hard workers don't just provide exceptional products or services they are committed to building a life they're proud of. These pure souls see a bigger picture.

Jacob Davies & Cody Gorman